Gail and I have been sending each other something we have done every day - could be a piece of music, text, picture, idea - something to make sure we focus each day if only for that amount of time on our own work. It helps. Unfinished ideas are sometimes fun to look at, so here are some....

Corona virus and lockdown

In between trying to work out how to keep BlueJam as a going concern, I am obsessively painting – this is my first abstract attempt

Drum Water

short film made by gail to my soundtrack fragment


Hi! I’ve been like a gadfly today.
Struggling to stay unfurled
Keeping my pointed elbows at bay
In and out of the world
Creating a space that edges out
To where I want it to go
Delving deep not casting wide
Right now.

poem 2

earth’s drum fails

leaking only sparkling tears

no beats left

Poem 1

In the slow down to the present

Plans for an easy way through

Fall off the curved back of time

Carried carelessly

Unimagineable without you

While your facts are often wrong

They are easy to grasp

Handholds for a future (handholding the future)

On the way through to what